Chourikhola Lesley George Jennings Memorial Primary school, Nagre gagarche VDC, Kavre district – Opened 30th August 2007

Chourikhola “Leslie George Jennings Memorial” Primary school was the fourth school to be built by the charity here in the UK and the second of UAPs builds. Chourikhola school was built as a memorial to the late Leslie George Jennings who was the father of UAP MD Dave Jennings. The opening of the school was combined with a major event taking place on the same ground, the Chourikhola health camp and football festival. The school was opened on 30th August 2007 and for the next four days was used as a make shift health camp, treating over 2000 people. 

The event featured Coventry Citys FA cup winning captain of 1987, Brian Kilcline. Sean Wilson was also due to be there but had to cancel due to filming commitments. Fortunately for the group the new road (dirt track) had just opened and so fo the first time it was possible to drive all the way. This was thwarted by the monsoon rain however and it ended up being a considerable walk for the last leg of the journey.
The Chourikhola has its own page which you can access by clicking the link below

Thanks to all who made this possible. As always Akka Lama for everything and Guna Lama the engineer and logistics man. the group who came – Brian Kilcline, Lynn Howitt, Ben Jennings, Eddie Martin, Jan Witham, Tim Royle, Hira Gurung and Jason Graham who filmed the school opening. And a very special thanks to UAP for providing the finance to make this happen.