Batuk Bhairab Philip Andrew Jennings Memorial Primary school, Bhimphedi VDC, Makwanpur district – Opened 7th May 2007

Batuk Bhairab “Philip Andrew Jennings” Primary school was the third school to be built by the charity here in the UK and the first of UAPs builds. Batuk Bairab was built as a memorial to the late Philip Andrew Jennings, who was brother to UAP MD Dave Jennings and died at the age of 17. The school was opened by the trekkers after completing the 2007 Everest Base Camp Trek. Also along with us were members of the USA version of DCWC Nepal, Patrick Graney and Karin Reibel. Bhimphedi school is located in the southern foothills of Nepal, in Makwanpur district, and though it can be reached by vehicle the journey is not one for the faint hearted. 

The route takes you on many hillside roads with little or no room for error. The school was opened by Sean Wilson who had also done the trek, and was being filmed by Jason Graham with a view to it being part of a documentary. The footage was also featured in BBC’s North West tonight program which had interviewed Dave Jennings at his business in Bury and obviously had been interested in Seans involvement. As with our previous openings we had come with a handsome supply of school stationary and clothes which were duly distributed by Sean and by other members of the Charity Trek.

Thanks to all who made this possible. As always Akka Lama for everything and Guna Lama the engineer and logistics man. the group who came – Sean Wilson, Gianclaudio Antonelli, Ian Mcnally, Chris Clarke, Tony Andrew, Patrick Graney, Karin Reibel, Tim Royle and Jason Graham who filmed the school opening. And a very special thanks to UAP for providing the finance to make this happen.