Baikalpik Primary School, Nagre Gagarche VDC-1, Kavre district – Opened 3rd August 2010

Baikaplik Primary school was opened in August 2010 and was the project of teacher Mike Gough and the students of Arnewood School and Carisbrooke High School. In June 2009 trustees of DCWC Nepal had visited Arnewood school to attend a Nepal day organised by the school. The event was to raise awareness of Nepal and to start to raise funds to build a school in Nepal.

 By the end of 2009 funds had been raised and the school build was under way. The school opened in the summer of 2010 and many of the students went to Nepal to open the school and to do some trekking.

Thanks to all who made this possible. As always Akka Lama for everything and Guna Lama the engineer and logistics. To Mike Gough and the students of Arnewood school and Carisbrooke high school for providing the finance to make this happen and for going out to Nepal and opening the school.