Shree Kalika Malika

Kalika Malika

Shree Kalika Malika Primary school, Nagre gagarche VDC 9, Kavre district – Opened 30th April 2006

Shree Kalika Malika Primary school was the first school fully funded by the charity here in the UK. We had been involved in raising funds towards a previous school but this was our first sole project. This was made possible by a very kind large donation from Philippa Reid Dalglish. The school was visited and opened by members of the 2006 DCWC Nepal Everest Base Camp Trek, who included James Wilson and Phil Hanson who were to become trustees of the charity soon after. The party also included Christopher Collier, Charlie Barass and Phil Harding. The school is in a pretty remote part of Kavre. 

To get to the school was a six hour drive and a three hour walk from where the group was staying in Kathmandu. By the time we had arrived there wasn’t a lot of daylight left. We managed to open the school but as darkness fell we had to postpone the clothes distribution and the distribution of school stationary until the next morning. So it was a six o’clock wake up call to give us all the time we needed to get things done and then return to Kathmandu retracing the three hour walk and the six hour drive.

Thanks to all who made this possible. As always Akka Lama for everything, Guna Lama the engineer and logistics, Binay Lama. the trekkers who came – James Wilson, Phil Hanson, Christopher Collier, Charlie Barass and Phil Harding and Tomas Baranek chairman of DCWC in Czech republic. And very special thanks to Phillipa Reid-Dalglish for providing the finance to make this happen.