Schools and Education Projects


Love Nepal places a great emphasis on education in Nepal. We have for many years been building schools in rural areas where prior to that time no facilities existed. Most children have access to educational facilities but for many they are a long distance from the villages in which they live. We have tried to build new facilities in these villages so that these children have a school closer to home.

We also are aware that for many of these children, once their time at school is over, their families do not have the resources for the children to continue into higher education. We have projects in place to help finance some of the children that really need that help. Further education is more expensive and as such is a bigger drain on our resources


Most of our schools follow the same design having 3 classrooms and an office room. The schools cost in the region of £8000 which includes furniture and school stationary and will give facilities for up to 100 students.


Below is a list of all of our Schools built and financed in the UK. Prior to our name change in 2017 Love Nepal was named DCWC Nepal, hence that is the name on each of the school builds prior to this date

The Schools are listed in chronological order –


Our Schools Builds


To date we have built fifteen schools in Nepal with funds raised here in the UK. These schools have brought educational facilities to where previously there were none. We are eternally grateful to those who donated and raised funds to make these possible. 

The schools are listed below in chronological order


Shree Kalika Malika Primary school

Nagre gagarche VDC 9, Kavre district  – Opened 30th April 2006

Shree Kalika Malika Primary school was the first school fully funded by the charity here in the UK. We had been involved in raising funds towards a previous school but this was our first sole project. This was made possible by a very kind large donation from Philippa Reid Dalglish. The school was visited and opened by members of the 2006 DCWC Nepal Everest Base Camp Trek, who included James Wilson and Phil…


Shree Tama Khani Primary school

Nagre gagarche VDC 4, Kavre district – Opened 13th April 2007

Shree Tama Khani Primary school was the second school to be built by the charity here in the UK. Built within a mile of Rajabas where the hospital now stands and the boyhood home of DCWC in Nepal chairman Akka Lama. These days we can drive to Tama Khani but this school was built before the road was finished and so this was a very long day to get to the village. We didn’t arrive till 5 o’clock in the evening in


Batuk Bhairab

Philip Andrew Jennings Memorial Primary school, Bhimphedi VDC, Makwanpur district – Opened 7th May 2007

Batuk BhairabPrimary school was the third school to be built by the charity here in the UK and the first of UAPs builds. Batuk Bairab was built as a memorial to the late Philip Andrew Jennings, who was brother to UAP MD Dave Jennings and died at the age of 17. The school was opened by the trekkers after completing the 2007 Everest Base Camp Trek. Also along with us were members of



Lesley George Jennings Memorial Primary school, Nagre gagarche VDC, Kavre district – Opened 30th August 2007

Chourikhola “Leslie George Jennings Memorial” Primary school was the fourth school to be built by the charity here in the UK and the second of UAPs builds. Chourikhola school was built as a memorial to the late Leslie George Jennings who was the father of UAP MD Dave Jennings. The opening of the school was combined with a major event taking place on the same ground, the Chourikhola 


Shree Darga

Gauswara Darga VDC 2, Ramechhap district – Opened 14th April 2008

Shree Darga Primary school was the fifth school to be built by the charity here in the UK. The school was very kindly donated by Cleveleys Park Methodist Church, from Cleveleys, Blackpool. Charity trustee James Wilson had strong connections with Cleveleys Park and between them all they raised enough to build a school. James took out the group who had a wonderful experience despite the exertions. The school is in a very remote hilly area and tested the group to the max getting there. The famous Fleetwood Town FC also very kindly donated football shirts for the local school and a football match (headed by Tom) was played with the new


Shree Sunkoshi

Madan Kudari VDC 6, Kavre district – Opened 9th May 2008

Shree Sunkoshi Primary School was our sixth school build and was opened in May 2008. The finance for the school was donated by HSBC and was the work of Andy Collins. Andy had been present at a UAP Charity Ball and saw what work they were dong building schools in Nepal. Andy contacted us and pledged the funding to build a school in Nepal from HSBC Bank. The school was opened by the group of trekkers from our 2008 DCWC Nepal Everest Base Camp Trek 


Antarastriya Yuba Barsa Ni Ma Bi

Pudi Ghyang, Lakhanpur VDC, Ramechap district – Opened 26th August 2008

Natarastriya Yuba Barsa Ni Ma Bi School was our seventh school build and UAPs third school. The school was opened by UAP employee Chris Pankhurst and his daughter Emma Wise on 26th August 2008. The school was dedicated to the memory of the late father of Lynne Jennings, wife of UAP MD Dave Jennings. Natarastriya school is in a very rural area of Ramechhap which makes access to it a little testing. They eventually made it to the village in time for it to be opened. Any event that is scheduled during the monsoon


Seti Devi

Sanubangthal, Kavre district – Opened 3rd October, 2008

Seti Devi Primary School in Sanubangthal was our eighth DCWC Nepal school build but was built as the result of a quite tragic event. By early 2007 we had begun working with Tim Kane from Worcester who had a keen interest to help DCWC Nepal. Tim was a keen athlete and cyclist and signed up for the 2008 Charity trek but also wanted to visit Nepal in autumn 2007 to help the charity and see our projects. Tragically whilst we were in Tibet in April 2007 


Shree Bokse

Kartike Dewurali VDC9, Kavre – Opened 20th April 2009

Seti Bokse Primary School in Kattike Deurali was our ninth DCWC Nepal school build and was the brainchild of BBC Radio Lancashire presenter Steve Lowe. Steve is a big Accrington Stanley fan and he got together a group of supporters to raise funds for a school by doing a sponsored walk. It started with a radio interview in the summer of 2007 when Gary and Sean were supposed to be on the Ted Robins show but Ted couldn’t make it in so Steve stepped in. 


Shree Seti Devi

Pasheban, Gaushwara VDC4, Ramechhap  – Opened 23rd April 2009

Shree Seti Devi School, Pasheban was our tenth school build and UAPs fourth school, though Dave Jennings of UAP had very generously given it over to Sean for him to dedicate it to his children Callum and Maisie. The opening of Pasheban had capped a hard four days which had seen Shree Bokse opened, then a day at the hospital village. That was followed by the opening of USA school at Shree Kharpani and now this school at Pasheban. 


Shree Pratibha

Makwanpur Gadhi VDC9 Makwanpur District – Opened 7th May 2009

Shree Pratibha Primary School, Makwanpur was our eleventh school build and was very kindly donated by the school children of Congleton High School. Co-ordinated by Caroline Eckersley, the pupils did a variety of activities to raise the necessary funds to build the school. The school was opened on 7th May and capped a busy month of four school openings. Shree Pratibha was opened by father and son, Peter and Luke Jones. Both are based in Lytham St Annes



Nagre Gagarche VDC-1, Kavre district – Opened 3rd August 2010

Baikaplik Primary school was opened in August 2010 and was the project of teacher Mike Gough and the students of Arnewood School and Carisbrooke High School. In June 2009 trustees of DCWC Nepal had visited Arnewood school to attend a Nepal day organised by the school. The event was to raise awareness of Nepal and to start to raise funds to build a school in Nepal. By the end of 2009 funds had been raised and the school build was under way. 


Bramha Bishnu Mahadev

Lakhanpur VDC6, Dorkhani, Ramechhap district – Opened 1st November 2011

Shree Brahma Bishnu Mahadev Primary School, Dorkhani was our thirteenth school build and was the fifth of five schools pledged by Dave Jennings and UAP. Representing UAP for the opening ceremony was Angela, Samantha and Christopher Neville.


Lytham St Annes Primary School

Kusheshwor, Ramechhap district – Opened 10th February 2013

The Lytham St Annes Primary school was built in the remote area of Kusheshwor, in the Ramechhap district of Nepal. It was opened by DCWC Nepal trustee David Underwood and fellow Blackpudlian David Oneil, along with an entourage made up of Akka Lama, Gary Collier and a host of charity members, media and hospital staff who were there to do a free health camp. As with most of our projects, the remoteness brings with it a whole host of logistical problems 


Nabin Bal

Gunsal, Ramechhap district – Opened 5th April 2013

The Nabin Bal Pragati Primary School was the project of Derek Whipp, Headmaster of South Lee School in Bury St Edmunds. Derek contacted us several years ago to let us know he and the school would like to build a school in Nepal. And in April 2013 the project came to fruition when Derek and his son Matthew visited Nepal and opened the school.