Shree Sunkoshi Primary school, Madan Kudari VDC 6, Kavre district
Opened 9th May 2008

  Shree Sunkoshi Primary School was our sixth school build and was opened in May 2008. The finance for the school was donated by HSBC and was the work of Andy Collins. Andy had been present at a UAP Charity Ball and saw what work they were dong building schools in Nepal. Andy contacted us and pledged the funding to build a school in Nepal from HSBC Bank. The school was opened by the group of trekkers from our 2008 DCWC Nepal Everest Base Camp Trek and also were joined by Tomas and Ludmila from Namaste Nepal (Czech Republic version of DCWC Nepal). Shree Sunkoshi is in a very beautiful area near to where the Sun Koshi river and the Chourikhola river meet. The school is accessible by road and is a 5 to 6 hour drive mostly by dirt track from Kathmandu. We were treated to a tropical early monsoon storm half way through proceedings which went as quickly as it came.
Sun Koshi Primary School
Gary with Sun Koshi children
School opening ceremony
School girl at Sun Koshi
Jamie Newburn handing out stationary and clothes
Opening speech
Cliff Honey - Little Teddy for a little girl
John and pete front, Luke and Binay rear
Ludmilla and Tomas from Czech DCWC Nepal
Sun Koshi father and son

Thanks to all who made this possible. As always Akka Lama for everything and Guna Lama the engineer and logistics man. the group who came - Peter and Luke Jones, John Probert, Cliff Honey, Jamie Newburn, John Farrow, Tomas Baranek, Ludmila Hnilikova and Binay Lama. And a very special thanks to HSBC Bank for providing the finance to make this happen.