Bramha Bishnu Mahadev Primary School, Lakhanpur VDC6, Dorkhani, Ramechhap district
Opened 1st November 2011

  Shree Brahma Bishnu Mahadev Primary School, Dorkhani was our thirteenth school build and was the fifth of five schools pledged by Dave Jennings and UAP. Representing UAP for the opening ceremony was Angela, Samantha and Christopher Neville.
The opening ceremony
Tamang dance routine
Traditional guide into the village
Chris arriving at the school
Headmaster of Shree Brahma Bishnu
School stationary and supplies
Chris, Angela and Samantha
Members of the local VDC
Samantha, Angela and Chris with Guna
Many flowers!!

Thanks to all who made this possible. As always Akka Lama for everything and Guna Lama the engineer and logistics man. Thanks to Angela, Samatha and Chris Neville for opening the school. And a very special thanks to Dave Jennings and UAP for donating the school funds.