DCWC Nepal Community Hospital, Rajbash, Nagre Gagarche VDC-4, Kavre, Nepal
The DCWC Nepal Community Hospital is located in the Kavre region of Nepal at a small village called Rajbash. These days Rajbash is reasonably accessible since the dirt road was completed in 2007, and as long as the Monsoon rains aren't too severe the village can be reached most of the year. This wasn't always the case. Before 2007 the village was a long drive and a good four or five hour walk. For far too long this region was without medical facilities. People suffered for the lack of basic treatments.
  This came to a head in 2007 when we decided to hold a four day Free Health Camp in the region. We held the camp by the Chourikhola River on the border of Kavre and Ramechhap regions. In those four days we treated well over 2000 people many for just common ailments that for lack of treatment had caused more distress than was necessary. After sifting through the data and speaking to the medical staff it became apparent that something more permanent was re quired and the plans to build a hospital started to take shape. Not far from Chourikhola is the village of Rajabas where DCWC Chairman Akka Lama was born and raised. On hearing of our plans, Akka's Grandfather offered us enough land on which to build the hospital and from there we began to prepare.
  Through 2008, Plans were made for the building and the task of raising the funds needed to build the project were begun. By the end of 2008 that funding was in place and the Rajbash Hospital was under way.  
The site at Rajabas
April 2009
July 2009
  In total the build took almost two years to complete the outer shell and to make the downstairs part of the hospital fit for opening in September of 2010. The upstairs would have to wait for further funding.  
January 2010
March 2010
July 2010
  By September of 2010 Phase one of the Hospital was completed and the Hospital was opened to the public. The ceremony was attended by many from the surrounding areas and local politicians and Press. The ceremony was also attended by a sizable contingent from the UK. Sue and Sam Hamilton from Modus, who had paid to sponsor the Hospital and had paid to bring electricity to the village, Members of Blackpool South Rotary club who had donated £10,000 for the hospital equipment and Paul and Bev Hargreaves, David Underwood and Gary Collier from DCWC Nepal.  
Locals pack the entrance
Sue and Sam from Modus
Politicians and Doctors
  In late 2010 the hospital was donated an Ambulance by Tata motors thanks to the good work by DCWC Nepal in the USA. And Thanks to the very kind donation of Clara from San Francisco the money was provided to complete the upstairs of the hospital and to make it weatherproof.  
Four Wheel Drive Ambulance
Upstairs build February 2013 (1)
Upstairs build February 2013 (2)

The hospital is very much still in its infancy and we have a long way to go with it.

  Our greatest challenge is to maintain the running costs for the hospital which runs at a minimum £25,000 ($40,000 ). We are always looking at ways to help bring this income in. If you can help us in any way we would very much like to hear from you.  
  We are Currently looking for a sponsor for the Hospital.
If your Company or organisation would be interested then please contact us
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